Plastic File Boxes & Plastic Folders & Folder Holders

Many companies struggle with office storage and in particular file management. Plastic file boxes when combined with plastic folders can help to alleviate many of the storage problems faced by employees and companies alike. Many of the plastic file boxes come with built-in file management compartments, which enables staff to make better use of the […]

Plastic Lockers & Steel Lockers

Many people are unaware that there are plastic lockers for sale. Plastic lockers are nowhere near as common as steel lockers because people assume you just can’t buy them or that they are easily broken into. These days however that just isn’t the case. Many of the plastic lockers that are available are made of […]

Plastic Food Storage Containers

One of the most popular types of storage is food storage, and the best way to store food is in air tight plastic food storage containers. Traditionally this was the domain of expensive tupperware products, but nowadays it most plastic storage containers are of at least equal quality and are often only a fraction of […]

Plastic Shoe Storage Boxes

If you are in need of shoe storage then perhaps plastic shoe storage boxes might be what you are looking for. They are great for stacking shoes neatly away in your cupboard and because many of the shoe boxes are clear you are still able to see all your shoes at a glance. On this […]

Cheap Plastic Storage Boxes

If you are looking for cheap plastic storage boxes then you have come to the right place. Quite often you will find that many of the storage products promoted around the web are quite expensive. If you look around this site you will notice that I have tried to find the best value storage that […]

Outdoor Plastic Storage Boxes

Choosing the right outdoor plastic storage box can be very difficult. You need to find one that is practical for your needs, one that will look good in the location you are using it in and finally one that is going to withstand the harsh environmental conditions that come from being outside. There are plenty […]

Plastic Storage Boxes On Wheels

Plastic storage boxes on wheels can be really helpful, particularly with big boxes with lots of heavy stuff in side. Interestingly there aren’t actually all that many plastic storage boxes with wheels that are available for purchase. You would think with the wheels being so handy they would be more readily available. Fortunately you don’t […]

Small Plastic Storage Boxes

One of the most popular types of storage boxes are small plastic storage boxes. Many people find them useful for storing craft items, opened packets of food or baking supplies in them. Because the boxes are plastic you know that it should last a while and not deteriorate like cardboard boxes or rubber ones. Plastic […]

Large Plastic Storage Boxes

One of the most popular types of storage boxes is the large plastic storage box. I personally find them to be great for storing large amount of items in them. They can be used as shoe storage, clothes storage, book storage – pretty much anything you want. Because it is plastic you know that it […]